Setting up Python 101ΒΆ

First we will set up a virtual environment using the venv module of Python.

$ python3 -m venv ~/.virtualenvs/python101

The virtual environment can be activated via

$ source ~/.virtualenvs/python101/bin/activate

If everything went fine you should see that your shell prompt now starts with (python101). This means that everything you do with regards to Python now uses this virtual environment.

To make sure that the Python packages that are required for installing other Python packages are up to date execute the following command:

$ pip install --upgrade pip setuptools

Now we will clone the Python 101 repository using git.

$ git clone

We enter the newly created directory

$ cd python101

and install Python 101 along with its dependencies

$ python -m pip install -e .


The . after python -m pip install -e is important! python -m pip install -e is not sufficient.